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A-Dock X

A-Dock X is an implementation of A-Dock for Mac OS X 10.2. It is not a remplacement for the Dock but a side-dock with some different...

By The tijej house | Added May 29, 2011


KrossWordz is a elegant and affordable crosswords client. It can open any crosswords puzzle saved in the Across Lite puzzle format....

By The tijej house | Added June 27, 2010


A-Dock is a bit like Mac OS X's dock. It acts as an application switcher and an application launcher It's separated in 3 zonesyour...

By The tijej house | Added April 26, 2009


PhotoBrowser is a simple and fast photo browser. It lets you browse your folders for JPEG files and view essential EXIF infos.

By The tijej house | Added May 19, 2005

Wapp pro

Wapp pro is the ultimate windows/applications switcher.It displays a menu that lists the windows of the frontmost applications, the...

By The tijej house | Added April 24, 2002

Navi iRae

Navi iRae is a control panel that provides menus, when you command-click in a window's title region, that lets you navigate through...

By The tijej house | Added December 25, 2001

Wapp Floater

Wapp pro is the palette companion of Wapp pro. It displays all the opened windows of the front application in a floating palette.Clicking...

By The tijej house | Added February 25, 2001

Mickey Hand

Have you noticed that in MacOS 8.5 when you hold down the command key, the cursor changes in a nice hand that really reminds you of...

By The tijej house | Added September 15, 1999