GammaToggleX allows easy toggling between Mac, PC and saved gamma settings. Supports multiple monitors. This is the Mac OS X version...

By ThankYouWare | Added July 27, 2005


PresentMovie plays QuickTime compatible movies (.mov, .mpg, or VCDs) stretched to fit the full screen. Either drag one or more movies...

By ThankYouWare | Added February 24, 2004


toggle back & forth between Mac & PC gamma settings

By ThankYouWare | Added December 21, 1999


quick and easy way to back up all those files

By ThankYouWare | Added December 20, 1999

IMG SRC Helper

creates full references to images in HTML files

By ThankYouWare | Added February 25, 1999


Drag and drop an application to AppHider and the app will be "hidden" from the Finder. Why, you may ask, would you want to do that?...

By ThankYouWare | Added March 1, 1997


quick way to put pictures or text in the scrapbook

By ThankYouWare | Added March 14, 1995