Hunt Taylor


Open source customizable IRC robot that runs on many popular IRC networks

By Hunt Taylor | Added August 28, 2008

an object path

A modified version of Ben Lawson's Drop Shell 1.0, this droplet also acts as an application. You can either double-click the droplet...

By Hunt Taylor | Added February 8, 2004


Offers string, boolean and regular expression searching for files and folders on local volumes, and string and regular expression search...

By Hunt Taylor | Added July 8, 2003

Cool Tools

Liberate Desktops: rebuilds desktop files automatically at next startup. Quote UnQuote: adds or deletes quote symbols and hard returns...

By Hunt Taylor | Added May 16, 2003

Free Backup

Backs up any files and folders on any disks to any location(s), in Finder format or Stuffit archives. Make any number of duplicates...

By Hunt Taylor | Added December 11, 2002


Automates Apples Disk First Aid to verify all disks at once. Checks the startup disk last (since its more likely to be busy if you...

By Hunt Taylor | Added September 7, 2002


Load any number of URLs, daily and weekday-specific, from a list in a text file. Drop any other list to load that one instead of the...

By Hunt Taylor | Added September 6, 2002


A small windoid shows the current screen coordinates of your mouse, current coordinates within the top window, optional changes in...

By Hunt Taylor | Added May 27, 2002


Displays messages with a random selection of one of over 50 icons and your choice of text for the OK button. Has a library in plain...

By Hunt Taylor | Added September 19, 2001

RAM Disk Backup

Backs up your RAM disk to a location you choose, and optionally restores that backup to the disk. Run at any time, or put in your Startup...

By Hunt Taylor | Added December 5, 2000

Finder Workspaces

Gives you any number of Workspace settings: what windows are open and where they are onscreen, and desktop icon positions. Instantly...

By Hunt Taylor | Added October 19, 2000

Window Manager

Stack, tile, or set/restore custom arrangements of windows of current/any/all applications to any area on screen. Make and name any...

By Hunt Taylor | Added June 1, 2000