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Armored Task Force 1.01 patch

The 1.01 patch for Armored Task Force is intended to address issues that were found after the initial release of the game.

October 23, 2003 By Shrapnel Games

Combat Command 2: Desert Rats demo

Step into the shoes of Rommel or Patton in this second installment of the award-winning Combat Command 2 series. Desert Rats! covers...

October 22, 2003 By Shrapnel Games

Aaron Hall's Dungeon Odyssey

From the designer of the Space Empires IV franchise comes an RPG where you will adventure to far-off lands and encounter a multitude...

May 28, 2003 By Shrapnel Games

Interstellar Trader 2

Interstellar Trader 2 is the sequel to the original strategy/simulation game where you become the owner of a start-up merchant business...

May 8, 2003 By Shrapnel Games

Space Empires: IV Gold

Space Empires IV Gold, allows you to take up a challenge in an epic intergalactic 4X strategy game that will keep you glued to your...

February 14, 2002 By Shrapnel Games