Frank Vercruesse


Fahrplan displays up to date timetable information for German public transport. Enter the name of a city, station, tram or bus stop...

By Frank Vercruesse | Added January 14, 2010


ASM is the reincarnation of the application switcher menu. It's highly customizable and offers some nice extra features, such as "Classic...

By Frank Vercruesse | Added September 2, 2009


Fahrplan displays departures or arrivals for train stations, bus or tram stops within Germany.

By Frank Vercruesse | Added April 10, 2009


eLEOquent provides you with quick access to a bidirectional English-German dictionary, as well as a French-German one, through the...

By Frank Vercruesse | Added June 17, 2006

Attach SLA Automator Action

This action for Automator prepares the specified disk images to present a (multi-lingual) software license agreement (SLA) before mounting....

By Frank Vercruesse | Added June 17, 2006