Module for ASP.NET Testing

Web applications implemented in ASP.NET use several standard procedures to pass session-specific data between the client and the server....

By SoftLogica | Added February 28, 2011


WAPT Pro is a professional version of the popular load, stress and performance testing tool for websites and web-based applications....

By SoftLogica | Added November 3, 2016

Server Supervisor

Server Supervisor monitors the availability of various network resources, from local workstations to web and database servers with...

By SoftLogica | Added December 1, 2008

Handy Recovery for Windows Vista

Handy Recovery is a data recovery software designed to restore accidentally lost files. The program supports FAT 12/16/32, NTFS and...

By SoftLogica | Added February 15, 2007

Social Bookmarks Manager

Social Bookmarks Manager is designed to simplify the process of bookmarklets creation for your blog posts, articles and any other web...

By SoftLogica | Added November 2, 2006


SpamAid is an easy-to-use MS Outlook add-on to protect your Inbox against spam. The program is based on Bayesian filtering technology....

By SoftLogica | Added March 21, 2007


WinReminder is designed to help you keep track of upcoming events through pop-up window reminders, e-mail, or SMS messages. It features...

By SoftLogica | Added November 27, 2005


WSOP is a program for website load time testing and optimization. It makes the complete analysis for all web page elements and provides...

By SoftLogica | Added May 31, 2005

Backup Platinum

Backup Platinum makes a reserve copy of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or USB drives, CD, DVD and...

By SoftLogica | Added May 18, 2008

Handy Recovery

Handy Recovery is designed to recover files accidentally lost on MS Windows. The program features image recovery from CF/SM/SD cards...

By SoftLogica | Added April 9, 2012


LoadScout allows you to get information from media and archive files on the Web without downloading them. It takes only a small part...

By SoftLogica | Added January 16, 2009

Outlook Spam Filter

Outlook Spam Filter is an easy-to-use MS Outlook add-on that protects your Inbox against spam. The program is based on Bayesian filtering...

By SoftLogica | Added April 14, 2005


WAPT is a load and performance testing tool that works for any web site from a simple web service to a customized ERP or CRM solution....

By SoftLogica | Added October 19, 2017


From the developer: "dotPocket is an easy-to-use yet powerful utility that allows you to enhance the visual capabilities of your Pocket...

By SoftLogica | Added November 10, 2002

C To Java Converter

The C2J converter provides automatic translation of C code source files into separate Java classes with appropriate names. Standard...

By SoftLogica | Added April 10, 2002


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