Biblicious Bible Trivia

Think you know your Bible facts? Think again. Flip Ant will challenge you with some of the best questions around. Don't be enamored...

September 26, 2017 By Pariahware

Coming Up Next

Instead of taking your eyes off of the road to perform an updated search, Coming Up waits for you to drive a few miles, checks again,...

August 25, 2014 By Pariahware

Christmas Light Finder

Mark locations of Christmas light displays.Find Christmas light displays others have marked.

December 25, 2013 By Pariahware

Elastic Window

"I didn't know it was this easy to use. I should have bought it sooner." You designed your interface for 1920x1200 but your customer...

July 24, 2013 By Pariahware

Doc Merge

Doc Merge provides the quickest and easiest method for merging Microsoft Word Documents. Simply drag and drop the files you wish to...

July 25, 2012 By Pariahware

File Stitcher

File Stitcher is the easiest MP3 merging utility there is. Simply drag and drop the files you wish to merge on the application icon...

April 23, 2011 By Pariahware

File Stitcher

With File Stitcher, users no longer have to wait for MP3 files to re-encode when needing to merge audio book chapters for audio from...

January 19, 2011 By Pariahware