PianoRollComposer uses the standard treble and bass clef staffs. Notes are displayed in the piano roll format (it shows music with...

September 12, 2017 By JDMCox


USAPhotoMaps downloads USGS aerial photo and topo map data from Microsoft's free TerraServer Web site, saves it on your hard drive,...

July 11, 2012 By JDMCox


SimplePiano is an aid to learning piano and music notation. It uses Maestro fonts (that are installed with the program) to show the...

June 21, 2010 By JDMCox

Simple Family Tree

Simple Family Tree enables you to create and/or view a family tree. It displays ancestors and descendants of any selected individual...

October 18, 2009 By JDMCox


FillOutAForm can either convert a PDF file to a BMP file and then open it (using the free GhostScript program), or open a BMP file...

June 22, 2008 By JDMCox


AlarmClock is a useful, small, simple alarm clock utility. It looks for The Microsoft Sound. wav and plays it at the set time.

November 28, 2007 By JDMCox


RedEye allows you to easily remove any red-eye in a digital photo (caused by a camera's flash reflecting on a person's retina). After...

October 19, 2007 By JDMCox