Handspring Palm Desktop for Macintosh

Palm Desktop 4.0 for Macintosh introduces many new features, such as support for Mac OS X. Please view the developer's site for detailed...

By Handspring | Added September 23, 2002

Treo 180 Series Updater

The Treo 180 Series Updater 1.0 improves the built-in software on Treo 180 and Treo 180g units manufactured during the first months...

By Handspring | Added May 2, 2002

Handspring Photo Album

Carry your photo album in the palm of your hand with the Handspring Photo Album. With Photo Album you can: Show off all your favorite...

By Handspring | Added June 7, 2001

Handspring Visor

Palm OS update for the Visor Platinum & Prism

By Handspring | Added November 12, 2000

Handspring Updater

Handspring Updater V1.0.0 is a software based update utility that will update the Palm OS included on all Visor Solo, Visor and Visor...

By Handspring | Added July 20, 2000

Handspring Visor Desktop for Windows

This is an update for all Handspring Visor handheld computers. Adds support for Windows 2000 USB and Windows Millennium Edition. Includes...

By Handspring | Added January 31, 2000