KeyguardExt is a functional analogue of the system utility Keyguard, which has much more extended setting functions and the list of...

March 5, 2008 By Megasoft2000


The objective of this game is to put every object into the marked place. You can not pull the object, you can only push one of them...

February 19, 2008 By Megasoft2000


WLink is a wireless manager that allows you to use all communication facilities of your device intended for file and data transfer.

November 10, 2007 By Megasoft2000


MegaCalc is a powerful calculator that includes practically all the basic calculation modules for every day use. The variety of functions...

October 19, 2007 By Megasoft2000


The MegaGammon game is an analogy with one of the most popular and classical game: BackGammon! We propose a completely automatic version...

October 19, 2007 By Megasoft2000


The MegaBowling game is similar to Bowling, one of the most popular and classical games! Different in their functions modes (Stroke...

May 3, 2007 By Megasoft2000


MegaClock is a multifunctional clock that enables you to control all time parameters. Variety of views makes it possible to select...

March 1, 2007 By Megasoft2000