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Jumanji Movie Stickers

Take your conversations to the next level with the official Jumanji: The Next Level animated sticker pack.

March 17, 2020 By Sony Pictures

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Spider-Man: Far From Home App is your one-stop-shop for everything Spider-Man. View exclusive content, bring Spider-Man into your...

May 24, 2019 By Sony Pictures

Pompeii: Ashes to Ashes

Mount Vesuvius brought Pompeii to ashes in 79 AD. Think your skills are a match for the mountain? Play Ashes to Ashes to launch volcanic...

January 29, 2014 By Sony Pictures

Carrie Buckets of Blood

Create your own Carrie prom scene and share your animated GIF with the official free Carrie Buckets of Blood app. Take a series of...

January 3, 2014 By Sony Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man AR

Compatibility: This app requires an iPhone 4 or 4S, or iPad 2 or newer. Devices must be running iOS 5.0 or higher. Imagine seeing Spider-Man...

January 16, 2013 By Sony Pictures

Planet 51

Planet 51 is a galactic sized animated alien adventure comedy revolving around American astronaut Captain Charles "Chuck" Baker,...

February 20, 2010 By Sony Pictures

Kung Fu Hustle Sing Screensaver

Put Sing from the new Kung Fu comedy on your desktop. Set amid the chaos of pre-Revolutionary china, a small thief named Sing aspired...

May 6, 2005 By Sony Pictures