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SsdReady tool for Windows will calculate the longevity of your SSD so you can estimate well in advance how long it will last. This...

By Cezeo Software | Added March 12, 2017

LanTalk NET

LanTalk NET messenger provides internal instant messaging for Intranet networks, LAN, WAN and VPN. There is no setup required, just...

By Cezeo Software | Added March 12, 2017


SecureWord is a program for storing your confidential information. SecureWord is a sensible compromise between simplicity and safety....

By Cezeo Software | Added April 4, 2013

Disk Redactor

Disk Redactor is WIPE utility, that prevent restoration of the old ( deleted ) files at your disks. All free space at your hard disk...

By Cezeo Software | Added April 4, 2013


BackUpTime provide you with a way to securely store your most important data. Hey, if you work around computers, you know how often...

By Cezeo Software | Added October 25, 2010

LanTalk XP

Communication is the key to any successful business. You've probably heard this from business gurus and read about it in the books....

By Cezeo Software | Added March 22, 2007

Network Information Requester

Network Information Requester is very simple utility. You need to launch it and all information will be collected automatically, without...

By Cezeo Software | Added November 21, 2006

SecureWord Mobile

SecureWord Mobile is one of the most convenient password keepers. Each user has his or her own password so that the program can be...

By Cezeo Software | Added June 22, 2005

Logic game

Free game of Logic for 1 or 2 players

By Cezeo Software | Added September 27, 2002