Buka Entertainment

The Stalin Subway demo

Moscow, fall 1952--in the depths of the Kremlin, a covert plot against Stalin is ripening. Stalin--the General Secretary of the Soviet...

By Buka Entertainment | Added January 6, 2006

Red Shark demo

In the secret laboratories of Russia in 2010, the operating model of time machine was completed--a discovery which would allow the...

By Buka Entertainment | Added September 14, 2005

Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness

Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness is an exciting adventure in the world of original Battle Mages game. Four campaigns will emerge you...

By Buka Entertainment | Added May 24, 2005

Battle Mages v1.2 patch

This patch for Battle Mages features several bug fixes, gameplay improvements, balance tweaks, and more.

By Buka Entertainment | Added September 27, 2004

Fair Strike v1.04 patch

This is the English version 1.04 patch for Fair Strike. The patch features several bug fixes, and updated helicopter and camera co...

By Buka Entertainment | Added June 1, 2004

Echelon: Wind Warriors

Echelon: Wind Warriors is the next evolution in futuristic flight combat that delivers the latest technical and gameplay innovations...

By Buka Entertainment | Added October 22, 2003

Gromada demo

This fast-paced, top-down action game pits players against planet-invading aliens in a nonlinear campaign. The players have customizable...

By Buka Entertainment | Added November 16, 1999