Solitaire Revolution - iGiki

A faithful take on Solitaire updated to include the latest technologies. Large, highly responsive cards, and an easy to use interface....

January 6, 2008 By iGiki

Tetroku - Tropical Edition

Kick back, enjoy a cool tropical breeze, and tap your way to Tetroku. A Tetris Sudoku hybrid. Tap the falling blocks into place. Beware-placement...

November 6, 2007 By iGiki


Tap on groups of identical faces, checkout the new faces that show up, match them, and try to clear the board.

October 17, 2007 By iGiki


Choose your wager, deal the cards, countem up, and try to outwit the dealer. Its 21 or bust.

October 17, 2007 By iGiki

Arcade and Brain

Sharpen your athletic and mental skills. Toss, shoot, jump, and putt. Then put on your thinking cap for some thought provoking fun....

October 17, 2007 By iGiki

Canyon Crawl

A refreshing water-based game. Accept the challenge of keeping the crawler on its path. Help it to avoid obstacles and devour fruit...

October 17, 2007 By iGiki

iGiki Ultra HangMan

Tap the letters you select. Try to fill in the dotted line before the noose tightens. If things get too tricky clues are available.

October 17, 2007 By iGiki