Breakthru Software

Video Mill

Video Mill is a media manager and player for video, audio and static images on any computer connected digital display. Video Mill allows...

By Breakthru Software | Added May 10, 2018

Sound Mill X3

Sound Mill is an audio player, manager, and automation tool for sound design. It allows you to play multiple audio files simultaneously...

By Breakthru Software | Added May 1, 2018

Matrix Mic & Player

With Matrix Mic & Player, you can use any computer connected microphone to broadcast announcements to one or to multiple sets of computer...

By Breakthru Software | Added March 28, 2013

Tempo Game Clock

Tempo Game Clock is a multi-player game clock and game record keeper all in one. Use it for custom game shows, tournaments, debates,...

By Breakthru Software | Added February 5, 2013