Ethio WordSearch (Amharic)

Challenging Amharic Word Search puzzle game. Offers an instant offline as well as online crossword and word search puzzle game. This...

By Metaferia | Added June 18, 2013

The VAT Calculator

This program will calculate the VAT of a price you just have to enter the price and the VAT percent the hit the button calculate then...

By Metaferia | Added June 28, 2010

Quick Deep Hider

If you would like to quickly hide a folder or a file, then you just need to download and run this program. You don't need to install...

By Metaferia | Added June 29, 2009

Registry Enabler & Disabler

Registry Enabler & Disabler will enable and disable your registry in just one click, if the administrator has disabled your registry...

By Metaferia | Added June 4, 2008

Ethio Temperature Converter

Would you like to know the current temperature in different units? Well then you are at the right place, just try this program, it...

By Metaferia | Added December 13, 2007

The Span Between Two Dates

The Span Between Two Dates will help you to identify the span between two dates,it have built in calender so it's easy to choose a...

By Metaferia | Added December 3, 2007


If those beeps sound on your computer annoy you, there is a very simple solution to turn them off completely, just download the following...

By Metaferia | Added December 3, 2007

Recycle Bin Hider & Unhidder

If you're like me, you appreciate the clean desktop that XP offers. Unfortunately, one item remains: the Recycle Bin. You can't get...

By Metaferia | Added October 9, 2007


ImgUpper is a program which can be run from your desktop allowing you to upload files at It than provides you with the...

By Metaferia | Added April 28, 2007

Multi-Type Mail

Multi-Type Mail is an application designed to send e-mails. It has a built in mail server lookup (MX Lookup)--just enter the domain...

By Metaferia | Added April 26, 2007

Text REader

This program, is easy to use also very simple you just have to paste or write the text want to be read then click on read.

By Metaferia | Added April 3, 2007

All My Font

This program will show you all the fonts that has been installed on your computer.

By Metaferia | Added January 9, 2007

Stop Shut Down

This program will stop any shut down command. Just open the program when the windows start. When you open the program if it restart...

By Metaferia | Added November 29, 2006