A Collection of 113 golden icons, to transform you favorite's folders to nice little nuggets.

By Icompile.info | Added May 16, 2006

2006 Team

A World Cup Germany 2006 dingbat.

By Icompile.info | Added March 29, 2006


OnlyFiles icon library contain some 192 multicolor icons, very useful for customizing different file icons.

By Icompile.info | Added February 8, 2006


WorldFlags is a kit of 188 (32x32) icons, every one of them shows a country flag.

By Icompile.info | Added January 11, 2006


xpFolders is a kit of 271 icons, gives users possibility to customize their folder icons appearance. The soft is an icon library (ICL)...

By Icompile.info | Added November 14, 2005