TreoFlex sends out a simple text message for ignored (receiver terminates without accepting the call) or missed (caller terminates...

By swCP3.com | Added June 27, 2008


TreoWink allows you to keep your Treo ON for a specified time, even when there is no user input. This is useful while playing games...

By swCP3.com | Added May 7, 2008


Rapidly scroll, select and dial (message and email too) numbers by swiping across the screen. Along with TreoSkey, you can also...

By swCP3.com | Added May 6, 2008


With TreoMsgr, you can schedule messages for delivery in the future. From v4.5 onwards, TreoMsgr supports Groups Messaging.

By swCP3.com | Added May 6, 2008


TreoHour is a small chime application that causes the Treo to emit audible beeps every quarter hour (single beep), half hour (single...

By swCP3.com | Added May 6, 2008


TreoSkey maps the following keys in this manner: Side Volume UP Button -> 5-way UP key Side Volume DOWN Button -> 5-way DOWN key Side...

By swCP3.com | Added May 6, 2008


Invoking TreoMute from the Preferences Panel will display the TreoMute Preferences form. The options are self-explanatory. More...

By swCP3.com | Added May 5, 2008


Rapidly scroll, select, and dial (message and e-mail too) numbers by swiping across the screen. Currently handles up to 3000 address...

By swCP3.com | Added January 25, 2008


TreoStar will display reminders just after starting or receiving a call. You can use this to remind yourself of important things that...

By swCP3.com | Added March 9, 2007


SwCP3 is a SolidWorks Custom Property editor fully customizable through an XML file to ensure uniformity and standardization of documentation....

By swCP3.com | Added October 11, 2005