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ScreenCapture is a great lightweight app for creating movies directly from the screen. ScreenCap offers 4 codecs for saving the movies....

By FOR neXtSoft | Added May 17, 2010


JigSaw is a utility for joining split files commonly found on Usenet. JigSaw can join files of any size within the limits of the HFS+...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added March 17, 2009


myMac allows access to certain hidden or unsupported preferences in the MacOS system. Particularly it allws you to make certain changes...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added March 11, 2009


NewzHog IS NOT a news reader. It is used for downloading files from newsgroups via nzb NewzBin files. NewzHog will automatically decode...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added December 15, 2008

Cocoa NewsPost

Cocoa NewsPost is a usenet auto-posting application that is easy to use and yet very powerful. Cocoa NewsPost supports PAR arachives,...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added January 20, 2008

Better Search

Beginning with MacOS X 10.4.0 Spotlight took away the ability to search deeply in your hard drive. You could not search packages nor...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added November 25, 2007

Classic NotePad

NotePad is a faithful reproduction of the functions available in the Mac OS 9 desk accessory Note Pad. This is not an attempt to build...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added October 15, 2007

MovieCat Plugin

This jplug takes multiple movie files and joins them in to a single QuickTime movie. Users can create Movie reference files or flattened...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added March 6, 2007

zMedia Player

This plugin offers significant improvement to the Jigsaw built in media player

By FOR neXtSoft | Added November 6, 2006


Synchronize folders between removable media, Digital Cameras, hard-drives or over a network or .mac. QuickSync features Bi-Directional...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added July 16, 2006


Disc-o Burns Mulitsession HFS+ discs. Burn Disc images and toast images, create/convert disc images and save sessions to file. Add...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added July 13, 2006


This is a three part test of subjects ability to correctly guess numbers and words.

By FOR neXtSoft | Added March 13, 2006

Fidget Menu

Fidget menu is fully configurable menu bar item. Add web links, applications, documents and more. Fidget Menu includes automatic System...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added September 18, 2005

SerGen Lite

SerGen Lite is a limited version of the SerGen Application. It offers shareware management and Registration code generation as well...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added December 9, 2004


LunaStat off full featured traffic analysis as well as user management via a multi-teir user system. Traffic reports include vital...

By FOR neXtSoft | Added October 14, 2004