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iHandicapRaces with PacePals for Windows 10

iHandicapRaces with PacePals includes an intuitive landscape user interface making it easier to use and easier to organize your day....

By Infinite Monkey | Added March 1, 2018

Poppin Casino HD

Poppin Casino HD THE ONLY MATCHING GAME THAT BREAKS THE MATCH 5 BARRIER. Match 6 or match 7 and be rewarded with a pack of Firecrackers...

By Infinite Monkey | Added July 5, 2016

Poppin Royale

From the developers at Infinite Monkey Gaming comes a brand new style of match game where quick thinking and fast fingers can turn...

By Infinite Monkey | Added December 30, 2013

iHandicapRaces with Pace Pals

HORSE RACE SELECTIONS AND HANDICAPPING APP State of the art data analysis software designed by aerospace engineers, our pro handicappers...

By Infinite Monkey | Added April 2, 2013

Poppin Casino Free

You may have played match games before but NEVER like this!Enjoy this free version of Poppin Casino and get lost in the action. Poppin...

By Infinite Monkey | Added September 10, 2012

Poppin Casino

Get lost in the action with Poppin Casino a fast paced matching game that you just can't put down. You'll experience powerful bonuses,...

By Infinite Monkey | Added July 23, 2012