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Bolide Movie Creator

Bolide Movie Creator is a video editing software for Windows. It works with almost any input audio/video/photo format and can save...

By Bolide Software | Added May 7, 2019

All My Movies

As a serious movie collector, you might have hundreds of movies in your collection. As your collection grows, organizing your collection...

By Bolide Software | Added April 29, 2019


With AlterCam you can add 50+ effects to your live video stream, add overlay images/text/video/webcam and change the background. Moreover,...

By Bolide Software | Added April 15, 2019

All My Books

Is there a perfect electronic home library in existence? All My Books is close to becoming the perfect librarian. Organizing your bookshelves...

By Bolide Software | Added April 7, 2019


iPhone/iPod Touch. , . All My Movies. ! , . Filmoteka ! Filmoteka - !

By Bolide Software | Added June 10, 2016

Web Stream Recorder 2015

Web Stream Recorder is the software that allows you to record any Windows Media Video and Audio streams from internet or local network....

By Bolide Software | Added December 3, 2014

Bolide Slideshow Creator

Bolide Slideshow Creator is the smart software which saves a lot of your time and makes it super easy for you to create just amazing...

By Bolide Software | Added December 30, 2013

Duplicate Video Search

Duplicate Video Search is a duplicate file finder which is specifically designed for finding duplicate videos. It doesn't merely compare...

By Bolide Software | Added November 19, 2013

Image Comparer

Automatically compare digital pictures, find duplicates and determine the best shot. Have you tried showing a set or a large collection...

By Bolide Software | Added October 8, 2013

Hide Photos

Hide pics from parents, hide photos from children! Hide Photos stores protected images in an AES-encrypted secure container that is...

By Bolide Software | Added October 8, 2013

Audio Comparer

Audio Comparer is a must-have tool for every music lover. Even if your music collection is not large there are surely several duplicates...

By Bolide Software | Added October 8, 2013

All My Movies

** The app is useful for users of All My Movies for PC only **Collection viewer app for your movie catalog.With All My Movies for Android...

By Bolide Software | Added March 24, 2013

All My Software

You will never lose your license details again if you use our home software inventory product, All My Software. With a flexible backup...

By Bolide Software | Added January 28, 2010