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Missing: Since January patch

This patch for Missing: Since January ensures you will continue to receive emails for the game, due to the server's name change.

September 14, 2005 By The Adventure Company

Nibiru: Age of Secrets demo

In Nibiru, you play Martin Holan, a linguistics and archeology student who has been contacted by his uncle to examine a mysterious...

August 22, 2005 By The Adventure Company

Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne demo

An epic adventure inspired by Jules Verne, Voyage will take you beyond into a realm of discovery, fascinating events and extraordinary...

August 11, 2005 By The Adventure Company

Atlantis Evolution demo

Atlantis: Evolution follows the adventures of Curtis Hewitt, a photographer who becomes caught in a vortex that brings him to the lost...

December 3, 2004 By The Adventure Company

Aura: Fate of the Ages demo

In unique worlds of illusions and reality, in magical, mechanical, and ethereal lands, take on the quest to find the artifcats cleverly...

June 9, 2004 By The Adventure Company

Mysterious Journey II UK demo

A young man wakes in a cryogenic sleeper pod aboard a space station orbiting a desolate world. A recording left 200 years before tells...

April 23, 2004 By The Adventure Company

Jack the Ripper

While writing a series of articles about horrible murders in the Low Side District of New York, the young reporter Jimmy Palmer soon...

February 13, 2004 By The Adventure Company