Flip A Coin

Flip a Coin, the ultimate in decision-making technology, gives you a virtual coin to flip. A boon for the chronically indecisive.

By CompleatMac | Added June 9, 2001

Dhamma by Numbers

In the Buddha's teachings, many aspects of the doctrine are taught in the form of numbered lists (eg. 4 Noble Truths, 5 aggregates,...

By CompleatMac | Added June 9, 2001

The Book of Changes

This program is a version of the I Ching. For centuries, the I Ching has been used both as an oracle to predict the future, and as...

By CompleatMac | Added October 29, 2000


HunterDeer is a novelty game, in which you play the part of a deer who turns the tables on human hunters.

By CompleatMac | Added July 28, 2000


DDLabelMaker is a quick, simple solution for making labels for audiotapes.

By CompleatMac | Added December 31, 1998