AutoSync is a program that automatically syncs your Palm Computing Device to your desktop while it is in your Cradle. Just drop your...

December 30, 2003 By RGPS


This HackMaster hack is being provided to prevent a problem with the PalmV and it's various cases and covers. The provided cover when...

November 16, 2000 By RGPS


The hack immediately shuts the Palm Computing Device off after it is awakened by the contrast or hardware application buttons. This...

October 23, 2000 By RGPS

Poker Logic

Fun Poker game based on a popular casino game. This game has a teach-me mode that helps you learn to play.

August 23, 2000 By RGPS


If your PalmOS device is losing days, here is the solution.

August 22, 2000 By RGPS


MindMeld is a game that lets you attempt to mind meld with your PalmPilot in order to break a secret code selected by your PalmPilot's...

August 11, 2000 By RGPS

Power Launch

Power Launch allows you to assign an application to the Palm device's power button. When you turn on your Palm device it will launch...

August 11, 2000 By RGPS