Strategy First

War Times patch

This is the version 1.01 patch for War Times. This version includes security updates for online servers, fixed AI, and more balanced...

April 19, 2004 By Strategy First

Europa Universalis II patch

This is the v1.08 patch for Europa Universalis II. New features include 80 new countries, rebalanced armies, enhanced AI and more....

April 19, 2004 By Strategy First

I of the Dragon

I of The Dragon is an Action-RPG where the player takes the role of a hero Dragon. The Dragon is young and must be matured in strength...

March 19, 2004 By Strategy First

Celtic Kings: Rage of War patch

This patch will update your Celtic Kings: Rage of War game to version 1.6. Changes include improved compatibility with Windows 98,...

March 10, 2004 By Strategy First

Disciples II: Rise of the Elves patch

The first update for the Disciples II expansion addresses a handful of issues, including AI improvements, and unit balancing.

February 8, 2004 By Strategy First

Space Haste 2

Space Haste 2 is an adrenaline-pumping, futuristic racing game that puts players in the driver's seat of the hottest hovercrafts on...

January 28, 2004 By Strategy First