Sudoku Generator

Contains a document template that allows you to predetermine the look and feel of the generated Sudoku puzzles. Allows various difficulty...

January 16, 2009 By Rorohiko

Lightning Brain Color2Gray for InDesign

This tool allows you to convert placed color photos to grayscale without modifying the original color image. Sometimes you want a...

December 6, 2008 By Rorohiko

Lightning Brain ClipAThing

The ClipAThing plug-in can access and apply embedded clipping paths from images placed in an Adobe�?â??�?�® InDesign document....

March 21, 2007 By Rorohiko

Lightning Brain SendToMaster

The Lightning Brain SendToMaster InDesign Plug-in moves objects to the master page in one step process.

January 22, 2007 By Rorohiko

ImpositionCompanion plugin

The Lightning Brain ImpositionCompanion Plug-In helps to overcome some limitations of InBooklet SE, which doesn't impose correctly...

September 4, 2006 By Rorohiko

Boxed Step And Repeat

This plug-in allows you to create a 'smart' step-and repeat system. Included in the download is an example InDesign CS document that...

December 25, 2005 By Rorohiko

Boxed Step And Repeat

A Scripted Plug-in that allows one to step-and repeat items by resizing a container around them.

December 25, 2005 By Rorohiko