Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Tempo SATA

Description: This software updates 4-port and 8-port Tempo SATA host controller cards' flash ROM (firmware) to version 2.1.3. This...

April 23, 2009 By Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Metronome

Description: This utility reports processor type, processor speed, bus speed, Level 1 cache size, L2 cache size/speed, and L3 cache...

January 2, 2007 By Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Tempo

sleep fix for Tempo RAID66, RAID133, Ultra ATA66

January 23, 2003 By Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Crescendo/WS Firmware

This Sonnet firmware update adjusts specific logic memory timing parameters on the Crescendo/WS processor upgrade card to fix operation...

December 11, 2002 By Sonnet Technologies

Tempo AV Tool

Industry-first solution that fixes most audio and video playback problems which occur during playback of files from drives attached...

November 15, 2001 By Sonnet Technologies

Sonnet Tempo ATA66 ROM Update

This utility updates the ROM (firmware) on the Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA66 PCI card to version 3.12. This version adds enhanced support...

March 4, 2001 By Sonnet Technologies