TapTap is an utility available at any time to launch applications, files, and URLs and access notes and addresses. Tap twice on the...

By TRI-EDRE | Added March 19, 2019


Back-In-Time has Transcend Time Machine restoration possibilities. Back-In-Time offers an easy access to all the data backed up by...

By TRI-EDRE | Added March 12, 2019


Tri-BACKUP is dedicated to the automatic backup of data as well as entire disks. Just create the programmed actions you desire, and...

By TRI-EDRE | Added February 14, 2019


Tri-CATALOG analyzes and catalogues an unlimited number of volumes (external and internal hard disks, remote disks, CDs, DVDs, cartridges,...

By TRI-EDRE | Added January 15, 2019

Sudoku Coach

Sudoku Coach was created to solve Sudoku grids with a logical approach similar to that of human players. The software start from the...

By TRI-EDRE | Added September 22, 2015


Space-In-Time is a brand new program designed to analyze the space occupied by data on your disks and how it evolves over time, alerting...

By TRI-EDRE | Added September 22, 2015

Clone X

Clone X is specially designed to create a copy of your system, to duplicate it on other disks or computers, and to repair and reinstall...

By TRI-EDRE | Added December 30, 2014


Would you like to track and monitor your favorite topics on the web? GrandReporter lets you automatize searches over the internet....

By TRI-EDRE | Added November 6, 2014

CD Folder Partitioner

CD Folder Partitioner 2 is build to execute very easily a copy and backup of your data on a set of CDs, DVDs, or disk images. For example,...

By TRI-EDRE | Added November 15, 2006


Tri-CATALOG LITE automatically scans user's volumes (including hard disks, floppies, cartridges, CD-ROMs, ...) and save their content...

By TRI-EDRE | Added February 27, 2001


Uninstall/cleaning tool surveys any changes to your drive after an install.

By TRI-EDRE | Added April 17, 2000