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My Diary Desk

My Diary Desktop will give you the ability to open, edit, print, and export any of the diaries you create with My Diary 4.x or 5.x.

August 17, 2008 By Sands USA

My Diary

My Diary is a personal journal for the Palm OS(R) handhelds. With it, you can keep a daily log of your moods and private thoughts....

April 23, 2008 By Sands USA


Kismet has scoring options similar to Poker Dice and offers a wide score range. The use of colored dice (Red, Green, Blue) further...

May 20, 2006 By Sands USA

Kid Accounts

Kid Accounts is an allowance and chores tracker suitable for use for parents and kids. For parents, it helps them track how much they...

May 20, 2006 By Sands USA

Personal Ministry Assistant

Personal Ministry Assistant meets many of the portable information needs of ministers! It has everything that the Personal Chaplain...

March 1, 2006 By Sands USA

Go Ride

It is a tool for bikers of all experience levels to help you gauge your biking growth. It provides a Ride (Session) Journal, Goal...

March 1, 2006 By Sands USA

Pocket PO

A portable database for your PO's which holds the PO number, order date,due date, item number, quantity, cost, line and PO totals,...

October 30, 2001 By Sands USA