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Built on a foundation of simplicity, Acorn eschews the outmoded "many palettes" design from yesterday's editors. Acorn presents a fluid...

By Flying Meat | Added April 16, 2019


VoodooPad is a place to write down your notes and thoughts. Ideas, images, lists, passwords, your mom's apple pie recipe. Include anything...

By Flying Meat | Added January 22, 2019

VoodooPad Lite

VoodooPad Lite is the stripped down free version of VoodooPad. VoodooPad is a new kind of notepad. It's like having your own digital...

By Flying Meat | Added November 6, 2013


FlySketch is a screen capture and drawing program, but like none you have ever used before. FlySketch floats above all other applications...

By Flying Meat | Added July 28, 2011

VP Reader

View your VoodooPad documents on the go, by syncing them to your iPhone or iPod Touch with VP Reader.

By Flying Meat | Added February 5, 2010


FlyGesture is activated like Expose or Dashboard, bringing up a transparent window of "guides" to move your mouse through. Moving your...

By Flying Meat | Added January 19, 2006


Search the web with the click of a button. Customize the search list to make VoodooNetKey boldly go where you want to. Impress your...

By Flying Meat | Added November 3, 2002

Desktop Effects

With Apple's newest operating system (10.2) you can now run your screen saver as your desktop background, and Desktop Effects gives...

By Flying Meat | Added August 23, 2002

Fade Away

Screensaver module

By Flying Meat | Added June 24, 2002