Honeydew 1853

Legend of the cartoon - idle RPG

Looks sloppy, but strong heros are coming!Joyful RPG builing through Tap with 'Captain' protecting the townLet's make a town full of...

June 5, 2020 By Honeydew 1853

Dragon Raid (Hardcore - idle rpg)

A legendary 4-Star Weapon + 300 Magic StonesAutomatic repair of durability! (Repair Kit Unlimited)Additional daily attendance reward![Various...

November 28, 2019 By Honeydew 1853

Sword Knights+ : Ghost Hunter (idle rpg)

Paid version BenefitsAutomatic repair of durability! (Repair Kit Unlimited)This time is a ghost !!!A powerful dragon revived monsters...

June 29, 2019 By Honeydew 1853