Lion Studios

Hey Girl!

Totally accurate Relationship simulator awaits you.Pick Up the girl of your dreams and keep her in the relationship.

October 1, 2020 By Lion Studios

Braid Salon

Who doesnt want to look fancy?Your clients are coming to get the best braided hairstyle for different occasions. Whether its to look...

September 30, 2020 By Lion Studios

Piercing Parlor

Pierce beautiful designs on ears, lips, nose and eyebrows as you cater to challenging requests from the customers!

September 28, 2020 By Lion Studios

Element Flow

Discover the power of elements!Combine elements to witness what they are actually capable of.Each level solve new different puzzles...

September 25, 2020 By Lion Studios

Stairway to Heaven !

Everyone wants to reach Heaven one day , but its our life decisions which decide whether we go to Heaven or ....... !Start as a child...

September 25, 2020 By Lion Studios

Bait Car

This game is grand! Assemble your crew and go out and take what is yours. Everything is up for the taking. Someone left their brand...

September 25, 2020 By Lion Studios

No One Escape

This is a new type of battle royale. Play as the hunter or the victim - the killer or the prey! This is like hide-n-seek but with dire...

September 15, 2020 By Lion Studios