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ABC Learning in Urdu

This application will help read children and Pakistanis who want to learn English. English letters have been written in Urdu language...

July 28, 2020 By Mobilia Apps

Kids Addition Tables

This app will help to learn addition using addition tables. Tables from 1 to 100 has been added. Exam option has been added as well...

July 18, 2020 By Mobilia Apps

Million Billion Dollars to Rupees

This app will convert big dollar values like million, billion and trillion to rupees formats like lakhs, crores, arabs and kharabs.*...

July 15, 2020 By Mobilia Apps

Skip Counting for Kids

Skip counting app is for kids with skip counting for 1 to 50.

July 7, 2020 By Mobilia Apps

Wifi Distance and Signal Strength

This app is really helpful for the following WiFi stuff:* Wifi Scanner app* Wifi Distance Calculator* Check Wifi Range Distance* Wifi...

June 5, 2020 By Mobilia Apps

Acre Square Meter Square Feet Conversion

Following conversions can be made:* Acre to Square Meter (acre to sqm)* Acre to Square Feet (acre to sqft)* Square Meter to Acre (sqm...

June 5, 2020 By Mobilia Apps

123 Numbers Counting

This preschool counting app has been developed for Kids and has very simple interface. This app helps in teaching numbers to preschoolers...

May 28, 2020 By Mobilia Apps