WAGWARE BTWedge was developed for the Janam XP series of devices to allow linking them to your PC using Bluetooth technology. You no...

August 5, 2008 By WAGWARE


Imagine having the liberty to remotely control your laptop or desktop with your Palm PDA or SmartPhone. This is exactly the power that...

December 4, 2006 By WAGWARE


MakeFaces was designed to allow children to have fun making faces on your PalmOS device. It's a handy way of keeping them entertained...

December 4, 2006 By WAGWARE


Heybaby is great for those planning or expecting a baby. It provides you with daily information about the progress of your baby / pregnancy,...

November 16, 2005 By WAGWARE


Your goal is to maneuver the Snurp spacecraft through multiple levels to collect as many fuel cells as possible while avoiding Asteroids...

November 13, 2005 By WAGWARE


An exciting game of Luck or Skill. That's right, two modes of play. Some like to bet on snails, others prefer skill. SnailRacer is...

November 13, 2005 By WAGWARE


NoDip was created to guide the user through a 5-step program that provides information and assistance to the overall quit process.

November 13, 2005 By WAGWARE