RNS:: TreoOfflineViewer enables these features. Launch Blazer and use the new Open File menu command to load pages from the card, or...

March 11, 2008 By RNS


Hi-Launcher adapts the Start Menu known from desktop computers to Palm OS handhelds. This lets you switch between your PDA applications...

March 9, 2008 By RNS

Let's Beam

As you see copy prevention is not the best way to protect a database. With RNS:: Let's Beam you can protect/unprotect any database...

March 3, 2008 By RNS


Have you ever received a business card via SMS and were frustrated you couldn't easily save it in Contacts? RNS:: TreoVCardReceiver...

March 3, 2008 By RNS

Rapid Movie

Rapid Movie is capturing film frames at a rate much slower than a playback speed. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be...

February 27, 2008 By RNS


Displays the complete crash log of your Treo.

February 6, 2008 By RNS


Self timer is an automatic feature that provides a delay after you presses the shutter until the shutter actually opens, to allow you...

October 3, 2007 By RNS