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Ninos Place

Request food, online, application, Ninos place

September 25, 2020 By Noel Ameida

BooEATS Merchant

Application for integration to food orders, blooeats merchants

April 13, 2020 By Noel Ameida

BlooEATS Driver

The quickest and easiest way to have your food safely, do not lose quality.We use the location service so that the establishments can...

October 19, 2019 By Noel Ameida

List Brazil

Este aplicativo tem por sua finalidade, ajudar a comunidade brasileira que vivem nos Estados Unidos, trazendo informaes de vrios produtos...

October 13, 2019 By Noel Ameida


Make your order online, through various food companies near you, fast and safe.The fastest and easiest way to have your food safely.We...

August 31, 2019 By Noel Ameida


Control the hours and productivity of their employees through the ClockLabor.Not necessary and internet 24 hoursRecords coordinates...

August 28, 2015 By Noel Ameida