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Forecastic - Simplistic 14 Day Weather

Forecastic is a free iOS app that gives you vital weather related information. Swipe down for a full 2-week weather forecast. View...

By Rick Kolluri | Added November 8, 2015

Atria IT

Atria IT is a utility that helps you create your resume instantly so that you can get the job you wish. Now no need to sit and waste...

By Rick Kolluri | Added October 15, 2015

Target Heart Rate

Find out how hard you are working with the best Target Heart Rate app on Itunes!! Just enter your age and gender and resting heart...

By Rick Kolluri | Added March 27, 2015

Mulch Buddy

Take the guess work out of determining how much mulch to buy. With this free app you can now calculate how many bags you need. This...

By Rick Kolluri | Added March 2, 2015

BMR Buddy

Take the first of staying healthy by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate. Use this free app to calculate how many calories you should...

By Rick Kolluri | Added February 16, 2015

Sales Tax Finder

Find out how much your total bill is going to be with the best Free Sales Tax calculator on the market!06f593128d

By Rick Kolluri | Added February 16, 2015


A complete application to exchange files wirelessly between devices. It uses the Multipeer Connectivity Framework to search and connect...

By Rick Kolluri | Added November 19, 2014