Mohamed Maail

Hisnul Muslim - Dhivehi

This app is adapted from the book "Hisnul-Muslim" (Fortress of the Muslim) with the inclusion of the dhivehi translations of the duas.Dhivehi...

April 16, 2020 By Mohamed Maail

Disaster Watch

Stay safe by keeping updated on weather, earthquake and tusnami alerts issued by Maldivian authorities.Application made for National...

October 15, 2019 By Mohamed Maail


Official iOS application for Dhivehi Basfoiy by Dhivehi Bahuge Academy.- Live search Dhivehi lafzu thah- See words based on the Dhivehi...

July 11, 2014 By Mohamed Maail


Application to write and save text files in Thaana/Dhivehi.

March 29, 2014 By Mohamed Maail

Male' Map

Quickly look-up addresses from Male' (Maale), the capital of Maldives, right on your iOS device based on http://male-map.comFeatures-...

January 23, 2014 By Mohamed Maail


**If your local prayer times differ from the prayer times provided by the app you should follow the former. And please report the discrepancy...

July 19, 2013 By Mohamed Maail


Noos is a Dhivehi/Thaana News Reader to read Maldivian news websites.

December 4, 2012 By Mohamed Maail