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Iftar Recipes in Urdu

International Iftaar Recipes in UrduIn the month of Ramadan one of the most famous daily routine element for females is the preparation...

By Nasreen Zulfiqar | Added December 30, 2018

English Dictionary

English To English DictionaryFind meaning of English words in easy english words.

By Nasreen Zulfiqar | Added December 30, 2018

Urdu to English - English to Urdu Dictionary

Free "English to Urdu" & "Urdu to English Dictionary"This is English - Urdu and Urdu - English Dictionary , containing 147,000 words...

By Nasreen Zulfiqar | Added April 6, 2018

Bangla English Dictionary

For Bengalis speakers who want to learn English and know about the meanings of English words, the English to Bangla Dictionary brings...

By Nasreen Zulfiqar | Added September 19, 2017