Grzegorz Surma

Easy Filters

Enhance your image with just one tap!Simple social media sharing (instagram, facebook, snapchat).Easily edit, trim or retouch your...

July 21, 2020 By Grzegorz Surma

Magic Cube - 3D Mind Game

Perfect entertainment for all mind games enthusiasts and 2048 fans!Challenge yourself with amazing math puzzles!Compete with the others...

June 10, 2020 By Grzegorz Surma

2048 - AI Solver

Classic 2048 game enhanced with AI Solver!Challenge yourself with amazing and addictive gameplay!Check hints provided by AI Solver!Learn...

June 2, 2020 By Grzegorz Surma

Magic Photo Eraser

Enhance your photographs with AI powers:remove unwanted guestserase watermarksget rid of stickersdeclutter and clean up your images

April 25, 2020 By Grzegorz Surma

Beat me XO

Can you beat your iPhone in Tic Tac Toe - one of the simplest game ever?I bet you can't!

February 25, 2016 By Grzegorz Surma