yarui lin

Seahorse - simple amazing seahorse game

In this game you play as a seahorse and you have to jump on platforms and go as much high as you can. You will lose if you fail to...

June 5, 2016 By yarui lin

Music Piece

How To Play:The rules are clear: just tap the black tiles to the music and avoid other area.Try it out, enjoy the piano music, train...

February 11, 2016 By yarui lin

Snooker Bomb

At first, we are reluctant to add any love elements into this stage. However, when we find that every Valentine's Day there are more...

February 4, 2016 By yarui lin

A lots Bricks

If you think youve played This before, think again! Ponon brings new challenges (and advantages) to one of the worlds most famous games....

January 28, 2016 By yarui lin

Earn Chinese

Carefully catch the all the falling much moneys, don't miss any of them.Try it, see how many scores you can get.

January 28, 2016 By yarui lin

Candy Candy New

Cutiest match 3 game ever!What adventure will a cute monster meet on a candy island?Challenging stages,fantastic candy,attractive musicsmoothy...

January 15, 2016 By yarui lin