Federico Paolinelli

Brahms Lullaby for babies plus

Wondering how to make your toddler sleep?Soothe your baby and help him to sleep and relax by playing a lullaby.Hearing a soft, rhythmic...

October 22, 2019 By Federico Paolinelli

Sounds of rain and thunder

Need help sleeping and falling asleep, or simply relaxing in quiet? You've found just the right app for that.Do you find the need to...

October 20, 2019 By Federico Paolinelli

iAppennino - Cimone Abetone

Tutte le webcam dei comprensori dell'appennino.Abetone, Cimone, Corno alle Scale, Cerreto Laghi nel palmo della tua mano!Webcam e meteo...

November 24, 2015 By Federico Paolinelli