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BigMIND - Cloud Backup

BigMIND BackupGet 5 GB for FREE when you sign up, plus a 50 MB daily bonus!BigMIND is an innovative app that protects all the files...

By Genie9 LTD | Added November 9, 2018

G Lock - Hide Photos & Videos

Do you have private, embarrassing photos and videos you do not want anyone to see? Protect all your private media and hide them from...

By Genie9 LTD | Added August 9, 2016

Cloud Gallery

Cloud Gallery is a lightweight app that provides a smooth experience for browsing your Photos and Videos with ease, plus moreWith Cloud...

By Genie9 LTD | Added November 9, 2018

G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup for Android*** Try our new FREE Zoolz Intelligent App - Backup / Restore your entire Android device - Try Facial Recognition...

By Genie9 LTD | Added November 12, 2018

G Cloud Apps Backup Key * root

ONLY FOR ROOT PHONES. If you do not have root, or do not know what root is, this application will not work for you. Email us at

By Genie9 LTD | Added May 31, 2016

Zoolz Viewer

Zoolz is a comprehensive solution for businesses for backing up, archiving, data management, and collaboration by backing up Windows...

By Genie9 LTD | Added September 10, 2015