Douglas Cicarello

Jump 12

It's very simple.Jumping 1 or 2 platforms at a time!What is the your greatest score?Challenge your friends in this simple TAP TAP game.-...

By Douglas Cicarello | Added April 27, 2016

Ghost Detector - Lost Soul

* This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true 'Paranormal Activity/Ghost Locating' functionality.The...

By Douglas Cicarello | Added April 15, 2016

Panic Chicken

Help a chicken in panic!Run around in panic while objects fall in you.Simple one tap game.Remember a fun old game 16-bit.

By Douglas Cicarello | Added March 12, 2016


With simplicity and great elegance wallpaper turns any device.Just choose the picture that best matches your iphone or ipad and install...

By Douglas Cicarello | Added June 29, 2015