John Eveli

Quadcopter Timer

Quadcopter Flight Timer with alarm sound is your personal flight assistant, keeping you safe with the flight time while you concentrate...

By John Eveli | Added June 18, 2016

Kids Learning Math

Learning to count is easy with this game. Watch your kids discover the simple joy of learning. Designed for young kids and their tiny...

By John Eveli | Added April 12, 2016

Ninja Run HD

In Ninja Run you must avoid the bombs and collect as many coins you can.

By John Eveli | Added March 22, 2016

Balloon Smash HD

The goal is to crushes all the balloons.. except the red one! So simple! Touch or click as fast as you can. Enjoy the game!

By John Eveli | Added March 22, 2016

Weather & Space Forecast

Two Weather apps in one! Space Weather And Weather appWeather app:Just hit the gps button and you get the weather for your location.You...

By John Eveli | Added December 10, 2015

Weather Pro+

Weather Pro+ displays current weather data for any location and doesn't get in your way.-Gives you a 7 day forecast.-Geolocation weather-Returns...

By John Eveli | Added December 3, 2015

Coin Flip Heads or Tails

If you have to take a decision and have no coin ? The coins in you apple phone will flip just like real coins flipping in the air.Uses...

By John Eveli | Added May 21, 2015