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Innovative and eliminate the game, need for intellectual competition! Click to eliminate the color, color if adjacent same color will...

By zhong chen | Added June 21, 2016

Heap Box:Strange Trivia Free

This is a very pit dad casual games...Game for players to keep the whereabouts of the box stacking, listen very simple is not, to play,...

By zhong chen | Added April 21, 2016

Ninja Hero Strange Trivia

Ninja Hero is the game everyone has to have on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod.Tap and hold to hover and let go to run. Collect all the...

By zhong chen | Added March 31, 2016

War of Balls

~~~~~~~~~~background~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to the world of balls, balls in the world has been invaded bad guys. Sphere help them eliminate...

By zhong chen | Added January 2, 2016

Tiles Hero

A very difficult agile game, difficult challenges.The operation is very simple, only need to tap tap tap..., let the tiles over obstacles,...

By zhong chen | Added May 29, 2015

A shooting game of leisure. The greatest characteristic of the game of this style is fresh, you and your partners are can be done in...

By zhong chen | Added February 9, 2015

In Path

Swipe your finger left or right to move the blue dot and stay in the path. What is your best score?

By zhong chen | Added June 27, 2014

123 GO

A very challenging agile game. In the game, game player can control multiple role running in different line, and also to avoid obstacles,...

By zhong chen | Added June 10, 2014