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dot crash

How fast can you react?How long can you stay alive? How is the coordinate ability of your hands?Hold the left and right sides of the...

By uyo game | Added April 26, 2015

Who is Genius

Ok, maybe you can tell me who Genius is.But first you have to pass our test.Now, work out the math as soon as you can!

By uyo game | Added January 22, 2015

Stupid Pupil

Are you sure you are smarter than the pupils?Let's do some math, and then you will realize how stupid you are.^^

By uyo game | Added January 12, 2015

Cave Hero

It's not that hard to avoid a giant falling rock in the cave. But how about 10?100?As a brave hero, all you need to do is Just rush...

By uyo game | Added January 5, 2015


Master your time. Freeze it in the last 1 second!

By uyo game | Added December 29, 2014

Edge Ninja

Easy to go, easy to die.Brave Ninja will never stop! Swipe to change sides or jump.Wish you have fun with Edge Ninja!^^And don't forget...

By uyo game | Added December 16, 2014


For our dumbest, but cutest dog--BenbiWe are from a small game studio. Although we are short of hands but our love for games makes...

By uyo game | Added July 4, 2014