Zehui Wang

Decibel N - New dB Noise Meter

Mini size, Mobile Decibel Meter!Latest Design, accurate and fast, measure the level of environmental noise db, anytime, anywhere.Professional...

By Zehui Wang | Added December 29, 2018

iFlowers - Plant identifier

Plant identifier with camera,easy identify flowers and trees.iFlowers use the latest artificial intelligence recognition technology,...

By Zehui Wang | Added June 23, 2018

Smart Cleaner

# Smart analysis contacts, charts showing.# Smart merge duplicate contacts.# Remove contacts without name or phone number.# Backup...

By Zehui Wang | Added June 12, 2016


WiFiGPSQQappApp StoreiBooksmessagemail....appappurl schemaappappappurl schemaappURL Schemas weixin:// weixin://dl/scan weixin://dl/moments...

By Zehui Wang | Added November 1, 2015

Smart Daily Alert - Enjoy a easy life

The simple life come from to do everything regularly everyday, if you are a weak self-control or bad memory people, you need the app...

By Zehui Wang | Added September 9, 2014


# #+1+1+2...+9+n

By Zehui Wang | Added September 7, 2014