Kitty Gala

Farm Riot

The Farm has a disturbance, a Bear Patrol Team (BPT) was assigned to cool things down. Your assignment is to punish those bad behaved...

By Kitty Gala | Added March 10, 2016

Muck Pole

Racing to the ground by beating the Muck Pole. Powerful tool can be bought by earning coins. Looking for "time" rocks to extend the...

By Kitty Gala | Added January 28, 2016

Pachinko Farm

Pachinko Farm is full of fun and animals with delightful sound effects.Tap on the screen anywhere to drop eggs to score, no skills...

By Kitty Gala | Added January 27, 2015


Dash-Oh-Dash ( -O- ) is a demanding game to challenge your Gaming Quotient (GQ).Your task is simple: Drag the dot to avoid bumping...

By Kitty Gala | Added January 5, 2015

Marshmallow Count

Another Marshmallow series Marshmallow Count! Once you count, you cant stop!The rule is simple but demanding. You have 10 seconds to...

By Kitty Gala | Added December 29, 2014

Silly #3 Swim

Silly #3 Swim - is the most insane swimming game you will ever played. You may decide to swim like a Pro or swim like a Dog. Breaking...

By Kitty Gala | Added November 12, 2014

Silly #2

The #2 silly game for silly people in this silly world!Play instruction: Unscrew.

By Kitty Gala | Added October 20, 2014

Exciting Skate

Can you imagine yourself to be the best skateboarder in the world? From Exciting Skate, you can get this unprecedented experienceSimple...

By Kitty Gala | Added October 15, 2014

Balloon Carnival

Lets join our Balloon Carnival FREE for fun! This puzzle game is totally different from the one you used to play and it is much more...

By Kitty Gala | Added September 29, 2014

Cat and Fish

Some hungry kittens are waiting for your help! Cat and Fish is a FREE simple puzzle game by just feeding the kittens with the coloured...

By Kitty Gala | Added September 4, 2014

Jump Rope Kitty

Lets try this FREE jump rope game and help these kitties to do exercise together! There will be more cats joining the jump during the...

By Kitty Gala | Added July 18, 2014

Cat Roof

Please help the little black cat to escape! This is a really simple fun game by helping the cat to escape from one building to another...

By Kitty Gala | Added July 18, 2014