Paul Dinda

PIN Helper

Keep track of all your different PINs and secret numeric codes easily with PIN Helper. Hide your sequence of digits in a memorable...

By Paul Dinda | Added July 22, 2015

Dice Rolling Simulator

Lost your dice to that old board game? Getting together with the homies for some street craps? Get this app!Apple Watch supported!

By Paul Dinda | Added June 18, 2016

Flip A Coin: Heads or Tails

Need to make a critical decision? Life or death consequences? You probably shouldn't use this app to do it. Want to flip a coin and...

By Paul Dinda | Added April 23, 2015

Tile Shift

Tile Shift is the classic tile shifting puzzle game for Apple Watch and iPhone. Re-arrange the tiles to form the image in 30 puzzles.Compatible...

By Paul Dinda | Added April 23, 2015

Crazy Workshop: The Christmas Rush

Christmas is coming and Santa is running behind at the workshop.Join him at the North Pole and help build all the toys.Work fast! If...

By Paul Dinda | Added June 22, 2016

Cupid Man

The woodland creatures need some love. Help Cupid deliver his arrows of affection to all who stand in his way.Unleash your power-up...

By Paul Dinda | Added June 22, 2016

Words 3-4-5

Traverse the world of Words 3-4-5 and test your knowledge of 3, 4 and 5 letter words. Progress through each round with your own path....

By Paul Dinda | Added June 12, 2016